C++ (Cpp) typenameMatrixType Example


The c++ (cpp) typenamematrixtype example is extracted from the most popular open source projects, you can refer to the following example for usage.

Programming language: C++ (Cpp)

Class/type: typenameMatrixType

File: low_rank.hppProject: fanxiaochen/BloomingFlowers

    void k_extract(const typename EigenType<T, D>::EigenvalueType& eigen_values, 
        const typename EigenType<T, D>::EigenvectorsType& eigen_vectors, 
        TMatrix& Q, TMatrix& S, int K)
        size_t eigen_num = eigen_values.rows();

        typename std::vector<typename EigenValue<T> > ev;

        for (size_t i = 0; i < eigen_num; i ++)
            typename std::complex<T> cv = eigen_values(i);
            typename EigenValue<T> i_ev(cv.real(), i);

        std::sort(ev.begin(), ev.end(), EigenValue<T>());

        int gm = eigen_vectors.rows();
        Q.resize(gm, K);
        TVector s(K);
        for (size_t i = 0; i < K; i ++)
            s(i) = ev[i]._value;
            typename MatrixType<std::complex<T>, D>::Matrix q_ci = eigen_vectors.col(ev[i]._idx);
            for (size_t j = 0, j_end = q_ci.rows(); j < j_end; j ++)
                Q(j, i) = q_ci(j).real();

        S = s.asDiagonal();

File: fgt_wrapper.hppProject: LegendGraphics/cpd

    TMatrix fgt(const TMatrix& x, const TMatrix& y, const TMatrix& q, T h, 
        T epsilon = 1e-3,
        int evalMethod = FIGTREE_EVAL_AUTO,
        int ifgtParamMethod = FIGTREE_PARAM_NON_UNIFORM,
        int ifgtTruncMethod = FIGTREE_TRUNC_CLUSTER,
        int verbose = 0)
        // very strange usage...
        typename MatrixType<double, D>::MatrixD x_r = x.template cast<double>();
        typename MatrixType<double, D>::MatrixD y_r = y.template cast<double>();
        typename MatrixType<double, D>::Matrix q_r = q.template cast<double>().transpose();

        int d = D;
        int N = x_r.rows();
        int M = y_r.rows();
        int W = q_r.rows();

        double *X, *Y, *Q;
        X = x_r.data();
        Y = y_r.data();
        Q = q_r.data();

        typename MatrixType<double, D>::Matrix G(W, M);

        figtree(d, N, M, W, X, h, Q, Y, epsilon, G.data(), evalMethod, ifgtParamMethod, ifgtTruncMethod, verbose);

        TMatrix g = G.template cast<T>().transpose();

        return g;